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The Team

At 6 Kopi Under Studios, we are staunch believers that game engines will inevitably shape the landscape of the entertainment industry. We are a collective trained in the area of Art and Animation, but we seek to achieve a harmony between new, creative pipelines while preserving a traditional workflow.

Our direction team serves to draft the production pipeline and lead the different teams in each stage of the film’s production. Read more about our decisions, from team-dynamics to the snacks that fill our pantry.

Our local story artist handles storyboards, pre-vis and music too!

Our animators are well versed in creature animation, with background experience working in studios!

Our concept artist handles 2d concepts to hand-painted backgrounds!

Our 3d team covers environment modelling, texturing, layout and lighting. Learn about their workflow that incorporates the game engine!

Our technical team does most of the heavy-lifting in the pipeline, from making our assets look good in the game engine to creating tools and solutions to assist the team in achieving their goals. Find out more about their individual roles!

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